December 20, 2017

Merry Christmas

A most wonderful time of the year.  Not so great when you are stood on a market stall in the snow, but with the help of my lovely mum, carol singing from the triplet nephews, the spirit of Christmas warmed us through.  A lovely day meeting customers old and new, offering advice and listening to the most passionate of gardeners.  My favourite story of the day, a man whose lime tree has grown so big in his upstairs bedroom he can’t see out of his window and has limes coming out of his ears!  I also learnt that Queen Victoria commissioned an auricula with black edges on the death of her beloved Prince Albert, I must find out more.

Lots of Christmas present orders, lovingly nestled in straw went winging their way to family and friends.

Thank you for all your support……Happy Christmas from Pops Plants 2 XXX