October 28, 2017

Dark, Baltic Hitchin Market

Deepest darkest October

Time to test the open market, we wake before dawn to load the cars and make our way through the darkness down to the local market for the monthly craft fair.  Pitch black and freezing, the 10 year old didn’t quite realise what she has let herself in for as the cold creeps up from the ground.  But the sun breaks and we take it in turns to stand in its rays.  A strange time of year to try and sell spring flowers but what a wonderful time we had.  People stopped to chat wanting to know more, auricula fans delighted we are so local gave their details for open days, and even an auricula theatre order!  Despite the freezing weather the atmosphere was buzzing, with Halloween filling their minds excited children stopped to touch our miniature pumpkins and delight in the green oranges.