May 3, 2017

Building a new home

So excited to breath some life into the top of our garden and finally make it feel loved.  We are so fortunate to have a walled garden that’s over a hundred years old.  It was once Church land and along with our neighbours’ gardens, home to their orchards.  I have always felt very spiritual about my garden, there is something quite magical about it, you can almost touch the time gone by.  I’m not alone in this feeling, we once had a lovely Italian builder working on the house who wandered up to the top of the garden with me one day.  I was telling him how I felt and he agreed then backed it up in a superb Italian accent, with “yes it feels like the dead are buried here!”.  Not quite where I was coming from but good for the soil I guess!

The master carpenter has picked up his tools again and much to the delight of the squirrels created the most fantastic new auricula home.  After hours of hard graft, a little swearing and complex engineering, lo and behold the fairies at the top of the garden have joined Air B & B.